Mokuri Pies (Pontoise)
 Spotted Hyena [other] [na] [male IRL]
Trilingual (English, Russian, French). "Learning" Japanese as well.
Loves punk, post punk, and some old classics, as well as enjoying meeting with soulmates and people I can honestly speak with.

Not to mention some sexual deviations... Furries are still Furries.

And yes:
Skype: theluvecerviere (Jelly Bean)
Discord: Mokuri Pies#3567
Interests : Music, Entomology, Sports, General Culture, Japanese and Asian lifestyle, Financial Analysis, Retro-futurism, movies (David Lynch especially), crafting, sociology, HR, theater, sci-fi, computer games (sometimes, cuz' I get tired really quickly) and so on and on. Whatsoever. No one gonna see that anyways.
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