Ozone (Meaux)
 Griffox [vulpine] [male]
From a far distance, Ozone looks like a normal digitigrade anthropomorphic fox. But your eyes catch a numbers of uncommon details. Under a well groomed and shiny orange fur, his face preserves a permanent furtive smile of silliness. His ears are bigger than expected, as well as his white chest which shows impressive muscles...but not his tummy, looking atrophied. From his strong large shoulders to normal fox black paws, you start to understand his physiology.

The black arms linked to his homoplates support the longer feathers you've ever seen on a so little critter. His large wings, almost invisibly fold in his back, are made of unique white feathers put together along each arm, except around the base which is filled with small grey interlaced ones.
A look under his tummy allows you to see his blue shorts... or pants since they are longer than shorts. It's obvious they are done manually, a mix of fabric and feathers smartly crossed into a strong but very flexible tissue.
His legs are strong and slick, in a perfect digitigrade shape. his walking is a flawless movement, flexible and agile. The long tail hanging behind him would look normal but it doesn't wag at all, though it moves up and down a little. Being carefull, you notice his tail bone is flat and triangular, but the floofy fur around the bone makes it almost invisible.
Interests : animals, animation, anthropomorphic art, computers, dragons, fantasy, foxes, furnet, game music, lycanthropy, macrophile, nature, photoshop, playstation, programming, roleplaying, spirits, therianthropy, transformation art, video games, werewolves
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