Krymson (Nantes)
 Black canadian Lynx [feline] [male]
“You can't be lost if you don't know where you are or where you're going."

This is the main problem of parallel universes, both similar and totally different. Billions and billions of possibilities, with their own stories and events, which differ from each other.
It is difficult to find the element, the simple little choice that changed History, causing a tiny deviation and radically changing the course of things in these alternative universes. He has a quest, to find the right world; To determine if he should stay, or to continue tirelessly to seek his own.
But the question is.... How to find the right one?

Unable to control his shifts between realities, unable to choose his exact destination and not even knowing how he obtained this "gift", he is for the moment condemned to wander between realities...
Looking for a possible one among the others.
He is at the crossroads of worlds.
Interests : Metal, SF movies, computers, useless facts and "tout ce qui sort de l'ordionaire d'un quidam moyen."
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